We are Nectaar

Nectaar is an interior design and decoration studio based in Melbourne. Bridging the gap between unattainable and affordable design, we strive to make every home look and feel its best, inspiring products and results. Pursuing design with intent. Looking at the bigger picture, by considering all of the little things. Nectaar breathes new life and warmth into design from every aspect. 

We look at any space or home with a fresh set of eyes always striving to see the positive in what you may consider a negative.  Every aspect of what we do is a calculated and considered choice.  We think ahead. We aren't your typical cookie cutter studio, we really spend time with our clients to work out their style, we do not not enforce one style on them to fit our portfolio. It is all about you! 

We consider all aspects of design like balance, light and texture so it may not be feature that steals your attention as you walk in, but rather a feeling that lingers in your mind after you’ve left after all its these seemingly small details that form the bigger picture.

To us, beauty is not only found in the way something looks, but also in the way it works. Every aesthetic decision should be grounded by purpose, so that we can create a space for you to be in, live in, work in; not just look at.

Nectaar in classic mythology was the life-giving drink of the gods. It is also the term used to describe the secretion of a plant, which attracts the insects or birds that pollinate the flower, the flower is reborn with new life and purpose. It is also a word used to describe something very pleasant or welcoming. We at Nectaar feel we breathe new life into homes, defining the true meaning of our name.

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